Professional search to guide your design decisions. Analytics to support your engineering choices.

Make Data Driven Design Decisions

Modern engineers need to look beyond component parametric data to make realistic and competitive decisions.

By leveraging cross-distributor visibility, daily marketplace signals and real-time streams of lifecycle data, enables engineers to make the right choices.

Never commit to a part that breaks your heart - and your production schedule - ever again.


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Data. Driven.

Here is what we mean by “data-driven”.

To make the best decisions, engineers need to look at every aspect of a component and judge it against its competitors. Accurate and up to date parametric data should be a table stake, not an innovation.

We believe that it is critical to read the signals from the marketplace that represent how risky a component will be in 2 months or 2 years.

Avoid Costly Mistakes.

Component selection can make or break a product. Picking the wrong parts in the early stages can lead to costly redesigns, missed deadlines and avoidable profit losses. helps companies to navigate a complex world of 300 million electronic components every day.

Risk Rank

Combines statistical and real time factors to determine the stability of a component throughout product design cycles. Factors such as historical price and stock levels, price volatility, current stock diversity and other proprietary statistical methods are aggregated into a single risk number.

Integrated Datasheet

Our mission is to organize engineering content. We believe that engineers searching and comparing parts should not have to go out of their way to find datasheets. In, simply click on the datasheet icon to download it.

Category Level Serach

Visualize every part for a category such as power circuits or microcontrollers, across all distributors for each and every manufacturer in the industry.

Gain Competitive Advantage is part of the Supplyframe ecosystem. For example, when you search for components in, you automatically benefit from the cross-distributor visibility and pricing accurracy of

Composite Pricing

Composite Price provides engineers with the ability to quickly scan and assess pricing trade-offs between parts.This provides a more consistent and relevant search experience, because searching by price is now normalized against the quantity of parts available. Don’t get caught up by a part on sale!

Price and Stock History

Visually assess a part’s availability, aggregated across all indexed vendors during the last 12 months. Compare stock levels to pricing fluctuations over the last year from the same browser window.

Data Archives

Our data isn’t limited to components stocked by the standard online distributors. We have searchable information about components that might be on your board but aren’t currently in stores or in production.

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